Basic Homebrew Equipment

There are a number of places to purchase a basic brewery equipment kit, and each retailer might include slightly different items.  However, the most common kits will contain, at a minimum:

Northern Brewer's Basic Starter Kit

Northern Brewer’s Basic Starter Kit

  • 6-gallon plastic fermentation bucket
  • 6-gallon bottling bucket w/ spigot
  • some length of vinyl siphon tubing
  • airlock
  • bottle filler
  • bottle capper
  • thermometer
  • hydrometer
  • some sort of single-use sanitizer

I would consider this list the absolute “bare essentials”.  Any bundled equipment kit from a respectable homebrew shop will most likely include everything on the list, and possibly more.  However, any equipment kit that doesn’t include everything on the above list really isn’t worth purchasing.  Buying these items ala carte is usually more expensive, so do yourself a favor, and buy a decent kit from the start.

So where do I buy this stuff?

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