Basic Homebrew Equipment

Other stuff you’ll need
Unfortunately, even the most comprehensive starter kits will require you to purchase:

  • a brew kettle — at least 3 gallons capacity, but bigger is always better
  • about 50 empty beer bottles that utilize pry-off caps
  • bottle caps — usually sold by the gross
Basic Enamel Stock Pot

Basic enamel stock / canning pots work great as your first brew kettle.

My first homebrew kettle was a 16-quart enamel canning pot that I found at Wal-Mart. It worked great, didn’t cost me a fortune, and I still get plenty of use out of it — even after moving on to all-grain brewing.

Obtaining beer bottles is really easy.  Most grocery stores carry 6-packs of bottles (unless you live in Pennsylvania), that sell for somewhere between $7 – $10.  The best part is that they also come pre-filled with beer!  Again, just be sure you’re buying bottles with pry-off caps.

It’s pretty common to find bottle caps included in an equipment kit.  However, they’re obviously a consumable inventory item, so you’ll eventually need to buy more anyway.

Now that you’ve got your brewery, all you need are the ingredients.

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